Ramp Walk


In the world today – going out for your first interview or a corporate meeting or a social function, your appearance and the way you carry yourself makes the whole difference. A pleasant personality, the right way to walk, the confidence and the attitude matters as much as your qualifications, and you need it all. Now, people aspiring to be ramp models need to learn the art of ramp walking in the right way. Ramp walking is different from normal walking. Ramp walking is usually done to emphasize and showcase a specific clothing line or fashion accessory. Killer confidence is the most important element of ramp walking.

At Jackson25, we teach you the art of ramp walking the way it is meant for professional models. A ramp is a long platform where models walk to impress the audience and display the latest designer collections during a show. Ramp walking is not just about walking smoothly with style, but it also includes other aspects of modelling. We have trained professionals who have working experience with different models and will familiarize you with the important elements in modelling such as the right swing of the arms and body, how close your arms should be to your body? How much is knee lift required? How to hold your body? The position of your chin and head, the angle of your face, a facial expression that oozes confidence and an attitude. Our trainers will make you practice till you learn to walk naturally with poise and stay concentrated and alert at the same time. Additionally, our trainers will observe and give suggestions on how your looks and expressions come across and help you try different looks until you hit on that supermodel attitude and look.

We have centres in Alam Bagh, Krishna Nagar, Indira Nagar and Jankipuram are considered one of the best ones in Lucknow.