Kids Activities


Childhood is one of the most significant phases of life. 90% of your child’s brain development occurs in his early years. If nurtured right and given the right direction, this phase can help your child turn into a successful, responsible and a contended adult easily. Now, every child is unique with unique interests and unique bend. Every parent has high aspirations for their children. Therefore, as a parent, it becomes your duty to understand where your child’s interests and abilities lie. Additionally, your child should be prevented from prolonged use of electronic gadgets as these are known to stunt his growth and negatively impact his overall development.

To let you explore, discover and nurture your child’s talents, we offer a range of kids activity classes like dance classes, singing classes, instrumental classes, storytelling classes, Karate classes and painting classes. It provides him with a way to burn those extra calories while being meaningfully engaged after school. Also, these activities prevent him from overuse of gadgets like TV/I-pads etc. The extra-curricular activity not only keeps your child positively engaged but also improves his problem-solving skills, communication and listening skills. Working together in a team and achieving small goals instil values in children like patience, understanding and empathy. Children develop a sense of achievement and leadership skills for life.

Enrol your child in any of the activities mentioned above and see him spread his wings. Choose a centre near to you place from any of the four available centres in Alam Bagh, Krishna Nagar, Indira Nagar and Jankipuram.