Zumba Classes


Born in Columbia, Zumba is more of a party dance than a workout. It consists of simple dance moves that are heavy on hips and step counts. Not only is the dance style enjoyable but is the best method to get fit. It is one of the fastest ways to shed weight and reduce belly fat for people who hate to exercise. Therefore, it is especially helpful for older adults who cannot run nor do intense workouts for various reasons.

Run by Abhishek Dixit, Jackson25 offers classes for Zumba. The dance form is instructor-led with easy dance steps that appeal to people of all ages and body types. It provides some interesting physical and mental health advantages to everyone. Its hip –swinging and stomach gyrating movements increases core and trunk strength and provides improved balance in older overweight women. It has been proved to improve the cardiovascular fitness and coordination amongst people with low fitness level. A 40 minute Zumba class burns the same amount of calories as a 40-minute bike ride at 15 miles per hour.

It is an easy workout with benefits similar to moderately intense exercises like aerobics. Because of the fun part, people do not see Zumba as hard work or a tough workout. Being around and dancing with other people help Zumba goers to feel less shy and conscious of their bodies. It helps improves the feeling of independence and boosts morale in people.

Join Zumba with us and come to dance on great music with great people and burn calories without even realizing it. You will truly love the experience, and our dance experts are specially trained to support and encourage youngsters as well as elders. We have centres in Alam Bagh, Krishna Nagar, Indira Nagar and Jankipuram and are considered one of the best dance academy in Lucknow.