Singing Classes


Your voice is a powerful instrument. Everyone can sing to some extent. But there is a lot of difference in a trained voice and an untrained one. No matter how well or poor you sing, there is no such voice that cannot be improved with the right posture, proper breathing and vocal technique. If singing is your passion, you want to become a professional singer, or you just want to sing for yourself, join us and become a better singer with our expert help. A little dedication, practice and effective training can drastically enhance your singing capability and prepare you for your singing journey.

Singing also provides some serious health benefits. It is a useful mood buster and helps to alleviate depression. It is has been scientifically proved that singing soothes the nerves, lowers the heart rate and maintains muscle tension. It improves circulation of the blood in the body, and more oxygen is transferred to the brain while singing. It increases your mental alertness and boosts your immune system.

Besides physical health benefits, singing gives you an opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and perform in a group or in front of other people. It gives you confidence and improves your self-esteem. People who have been singing from a younger age are generally found to be happier, emotionally strong and better leaders than others who do not sing.

Our trained singing teachers have years of experience in the field and are committed to supporting you in your singing passion. You can join our singing classes at any of our four centres in Alam Bagh, Krishna Nagar, Indira Nagar and Jankipuram.