Instrumental Classes


Music is the ultimate stress reliever. Playing instruments gives you a sense of achievement and promotes happiness in your life as well as those around you. Playing a musical instrument is exciting and fun. It is as enjoyable for adults as for children and works as the best therapy for depression.

Learning music from childhood positively affects brain development. Children who start playing musical instruments from an early age are known to have above average reasoning skills, verbal skills. Studies reflect that playing musical instruments increases motor skills, enhanced hearing ability and memory. Not only it increases your child’s focus and coordination, but it also reduces stage anxiety and gives confidence. It improves his general productivity and gives him the foundation to succeed in other disciplines. Music has also been used in treating even severe symptoms of autism and other disorders in children.

Learning to play guitar chords and read music sheets opens up new neural pathways in your brain. Musical instruments like guitar or Piano/Casio can unite and connect people like nothing else.Being able to play these instruments can help bring new people into your world by unveiling your hidden talent. The right lessons and your passion can take you to new places in life. The teachers in our dance institute are highly talented and experienced in their field. Join our instrumental classes today and soar to newer heights. Choose a centre near to you place from any of the four available centres in Alam Bagh, Krishna Nagar, Indira Nagar and Jankipuram.