Yoga Classes


Yoga is the pride of India and the art dates back to pre-Vedic times. The ancient Indian practice that is not just about physical fitness but emotional well being too. It is a complete essence of the way of life.

The discipline includes exercises and asanas that improves the body balance and increased flexibility. It is an amalgamation of various postures to improve overall body fitness and brings mental peace. The process consists of a series of effective yoga postures and breathing techniques that makes you fit and soothes your senses.

It restores the balance by strengthening the body and calming the mind. It is beneficial for students as it helps to increase focus and understanding thereby improving their self-confidence. Regular yoga practice is proved to be the most effective bet against various ailments. The aim of the technique is to help bring in more oxygen to the brain and body and improve immunity against different diseases. Constant yoga practice relieves severe chronic illnesses and reduces anxiety amongst people. It is the best way to do away with stress with better health and happiness.  It integrates all elements of ancient science and makes it a powerful art that unites body, mind and soul. The purpose is to reach the harmony within and ensure that the journey of life became, happier and fulfilled one.

Since it improves the general quality of life, it is suitable and recommended for all the people of different age groups.

Our instructors, at Jackoson25, are specially trained with years of experience in the field. They are well versed with various asanas and techniques and also offer customized help for different people. The art is taught in a most thoughtful and joyful manner.

Our centres in Alam Bagh, Krishna Nagar, Indira Nagar and Jankipuram are considered one of the best ones in Lucknow.